Radio Free Éireann Announcement

Radio Free Éireann will air this Saturday November 26th from Noon-1PM New York time, 5-6 PM Irish time, on WBAI 99.5 FM or on the internet at Anytime after the program concludes you can hear the podcast on

This week’s guests: Eamonn McCann, veteran civil rights campaigner, journalist and author will talk about fighting against British austerity and injustice from inside Stormont in his new role as an MLA.

With questions growing about what a Trump administration might mean for undocumented Irish immigrants, the Irish Political Deportees and Malachy McAllister, leading Irish immigration advocate and AOH National Director Dan Dennehy will discuss immigration issues.

Sperrins Mountains campaigner Martin Treacy will talk about the fight to preserve the beauty, Irish culture and history of this region from being exploited and poisoned by a foreign gold-mining company.

Go to Radio Free Eireann’s web site,, where you can read transcripts of last week’s headline-making interviews about the film, Bobby Sands: 66 Days, with Thomas ‘Dixie’ Elliott, former blanketman and cellmate of Bobby Sands who inspired the song, Back Home in Derry, and John McDonagh’s review of the film.