Malachy McCourt Talkback NY We & Thee Edition 3 May 2017

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New York City
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As a ‘Thank You’ to our listeners and supporters and to, most especially,  those who made a donation in the name of Radio Free Éireann during the WBAI Spring Fund Drive show on 6 May 2017 we have Malachy McCourt reading a bit from his soon-to-be-released book,  Death Need Not Be Fatal,  and then singing ‘Barefoot Days’.

It is priceless.  Enjoy!

(begins time stamp ~ 1:25:11 and ends ~ 1:28:14)

PS:  This was a great show. Malachy was in full flow. You can listen to the entire show by clicking the hyperlinked title on this post or, even better,  watch the livestream from The Brooklyn Commons by clicking here.